Here in the Philadelphia Metro Area, we are fortunate enough to have a vibrant Ukrainian Community, with tens of thousands of people sharing our ethnicity! Within our community, we proudly celebrate our culture everyday by eating Ukrainian food, attending Ukrainian churches, participating in Ukrainian organizations, attending Ukrainian schools, and much more! Most of us were fortunate enough to grow up in or immigrate to an already well-established community, with lots of our bellowed organizations already founded! Let’s make sure that kids and grandkids also have this Ukrainian Community to be a part of!

When we hear “help maintain and grow the Ukrainian community”, many of us will automatically think that we are asked to donate money. Well, you don’t have to donate money in order to help the community. Instead, here are 5 alternative methods that YOU can help the community without any additional costs to you.


The Ukrainian Community offers endless volunteering opportunities with dozens of organizations that would be more than happy to accept your help. Each one of us have our own skills and talents that may be needed in any given Ukrainian organization. If every single one of us donated just a small bit of our time, we would ensure success of our organizations for generations to come!

Create Awareness

There are lots of fun events, food festivals, drives, and bazaars happening all year round in the Ukrainian Community! Even if you can’t make it to some of them and support by participating, you can still help! Sharing the event information with your friends and family goes a long way. Even sharing events with your friends outside of the Ukrainian Community helps! Let’s realize the value of information, and you use to make a positive impact.

Join a Community Board or Leadership Team

Sometime knowledge and expertise in a certain field or area can be more valuable to an organization than a donation! If you’re a professional with significant organization management, IT, marketing, community management, fundraising, and other skills.

Shop with Amazon Smile!

If you don’t live under a rock and internet savvy enough to be reading this article, then you most likely use amazon to do some of your shopping. But did you know that you can donate to your favorite Ukrainian organizations just by shopping on Amazon? Yes! That’s right – at no extra cost to you, everything you buy will cost the same when you shop at Amazon Smile! To learn more about this program and how to setup with you organization of choice, visit here.

Just be a Part of the Community

Don’t abandon your roots. Simply being a part of the community is enough to give it life. Continue and enhance your friendships and relationships that individuals you went o Ukrainian School or church with. Learn how to make pierogies and teach this wonderful part of our culture to your friends outside of the community! Participate in the community and invite others to join with you!