Mission Statement

The Ukrainian League of Philadelphia welcomes members or non-members to rent out our hall facilities. Whether it is a birthday, christening, or a graduation party the League is ready to work with you to meet your needs. To reserve our hall, please review the information below then contact us.

Please click here for a printable PDF version of our Hall Brochure.

- 1320 sq ft - 125 Person Capacity Hall with Central A/C

- 384 sq ft Stage
- Use of Tables and Chairs
- Use of Caterer's Kitchen
- Use of Separate Un-Stocked Bar Space

The fees for the hall include the use of the upstairs hall,

stage, the upstairs bar, and the upstairs kitchen.

Pictures of The Hall - Please Click on Pictures for Larger Views

Hall Viewed from the RearMain Stage Close UpView of Main Room

Hall DecoratedHall Art Exhibit Picture 1Hall Art Exhibit Picture 2

Hall Bar FrontHall Bar BackULoP Outside View


The hall rental price is $500. This price can be negotiated if you are part of a charitable organization or celebrating the return of a war veteran.

A $250 security deposit is required in addition to the rental fees. The deposit must be collected with a signed contract confirming the rental and is due before the rental date. The deposit will be returned within two weeks after the rental date and only after an inspection of the facilities has been completed.

All schedule changes must be made no less than 21-days in advance and are subject to availability. If the event is canceled within 15 days of the rental only 50% of the security deposit will be returned. If an event is canceled within 7 days of the rental only 25% of the security deposit will be returned. If notice of cancellation is less than 4 days of the rental, you will be charged the entire rental fee.

Typically a Hall rental lasts for six (6) hours. A typical night time rental runs from 5 pm until 11 pm.

Time typically breaks down as such
- 1 hour set up before the event (generally 5 - 6 pm)
- Actual event time (generally running from 6 until 10 pm)
- 1 hour for cleanup (generally 10 - 11 pm)

If you are planning to have your event outside of these hours please contact the hall manager to make special arrangements. If there is no event scheduled at the time, Renter may decorate the hall on the day prior to the event during normal hours of operation: Monday through Saturday 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm.



1. There can be absolutely no music after 11pm and the hall must be cleaned and cleared by 12am. This is to respect the neighbors. This includes DJ's, bands, or any other sound systems. All efforts must be made to keep the noise level down. Any complaints or noise violations will be the sole responsibility of the renter.

2. The hall must be left the way it was found.

3. A board member or an agent of the Ukrainian League reserves the right to end an event if he/she feels the property is being misused or guests are becoming disruptive and or violent. In such extreme case, the security deposit will be forfeited.

4. There can be no loitering outside the property.

5. No alcohol of any kind may be sold during an event.


Any questions please contact us.